Medical Scribe

Description: The medical scribe works as part of the clinical team and directly observes and assists the physicians with patient encounters. The Medical Scribe will accurately document the events and decision-making in a manner that results in appropriate charting. Scribes will also complete clerical activities necessary to assist with processing of physician orders for tests and medications. Completing clerical duties that otherwise would be assigned to a physician, Scribes enable physician to be more efficient and productive increasing the overall flow of patients in the health center.

Education: •High School Diploma or GED •Medical Assistant diploma or similar (e.i. Medical Office Assistant, Medical Billing and Coding).

Skills Required: •Experience as a Medical Scribe preferred but not required •Knowledge of medical terminology preferred. •Understanding of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology and treatment assessments to the extent required to understand and accurately transcribe dictated reports. Translate medical abbreviations into their expanded forms. •A minimum of two (2) years experience in a medical office facility preferred. •Computer proficiency and ability to quickly learn new applications. •Proficient in typing and good at spelling, punctuation, grammar, and oral communication. •Must be able to listen to complex medical information and summarize in a clear, complete, and concise fashion. •Must be qualified in Basic Life Support techniques. •The ability to communicate effectively in person and on the telephone with the public, the patients and the medical staff of Broward Community & Family.