Lung Cancer: Everything You Need to Know

Lung cancer is a type of cancer that affects the lungs. The lungs are a pair of organs in the chest responsible for breathing. Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells grow out of control. 

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6 Early Signs of Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition affecting how the body processes blood sugar. Normally, the body breaks down food into glucose, which is then used for energy. However, in people with diabetes, the body either can't produce enough insulin (a hormone that helps glucose enter cells) or can't use insulin effectively. As a result, glucose builds up in the blood instead of being used for energy. 

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5 Surprising Facts About Breast Cancer

Did you know that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime? It is the most common type of cancer in women, and it is estimated that over 250,000 women will be diagnosed with this type of cancer this year. While Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a time to raise awareness for this disease, it's also a good time to learn more about it. Here are five surprising facts about this type of cancer:

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5 Tips to Prevent Eye Injuries 

Eye injuries can occur in many different ways. They can be caused by accidents, sports injuries, or even by rubbing the eyes too hard. Eye injuries can range from minor annoyances to serious conditions that require medical treatment. Some common eye injuries include corneal abrasions, contact lens irritation, and foreign bodies in the eye. Most eye injuries can be treated at home with over-the-counter medications and ice packs. However, more serious eye injuries may require a visit to the doctor or even surgery.

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